Have you ever…

Have you ever tried to do something that you thought was hard?  I have tried many things and I can say that not of the times it is too bad.  Many people say that it may be too hard for a person like you… I think that means just try harder.  When I was playing sports when I was little I had to try hard to keep my team mates happy while playing.  I know that when you try too hard that it can come back to bite you, I also think that is part of the experiments of the world.  You know when you are little and trying to walk or talk?  I think that is just like when you grow up because it slowly turns into something else that can lead to another and another.  That could go on and on until the time a person is dead.

When you move on in a life of a person they have many different goals that they want to try, I also know that when you get past those goals that a person can be a happier person… I think that people need to set more goals for themselves, okay so not ones that are never going to be passed or ones that have anything to do with a bucket list type thing, but something that means something to the person and what they want to be.  I think that they should try to do their hardest because when it comes down to it and you are asked a question or you ask yourself about that goal that you made and you couldn’t find a reason as to why you didn’t get that one goal done and you can never say ” I am so happy that I got that goal in my life done” because you didn’t.  I know I may sound like a big jerk but I also think that by putting my word out there that maybe that one or maybe even two people will try to do better for themselves, because they know that they can.  Try to think about that after you read this because somebody one day may ask… ” Have you ever….”

Thank you for reading through all of my fussing I am happy you did, even if you were bored out of your mind.  Please leave a note at the bottom of what you thought on my piece i would really enjoy reading them, thanks again.


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