Thinking about nothing… doubt it.

Have you ever gotten so bored with what you were doing you space out?  I know I have. Not every time I am told to do something I would find it fun or “cool” thin thing to do so I would get bored and just space.  I would picture what life would be like if a thing didn’t happen in my life, like would this have happened instead of this.  I know it may sound crazy and all but I am almost positive that you and everyone else in the world would do that also.  When you think about it, it is almost like day dreaming what could have happened if one thing happened instead of what really happened.  Can you picture your life if you were to be born handicapped instead of being able to walk and run when every you wanted to?  I have a niece and she has a condition where she has nothing wrong with her other than she can’t walk.  Her life it a big roller coaster and how she can’t do what most of her friends in class are doing.  She has always pointing out the good in how she can use a walker because she can walk without a care in the world… sure she has trouble getting up stairs and all but she also can get around by using her upper body strength that she has gotten over the 9 years of her life. So when you say that you are thinking about nothing i really doubt that because i know for a fact that almost everybody is thinking of something.  I know that I can get off of topics really easy and bring a personal matter into a random thing, but when you think about it, it just proves that many things can happen in a persons life when you don’t expect it to. So every once in a while just STOP and think about what could have happened, then think about how it didn’t and how you should be glad that you have what you have what you have today.

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2 thoughts on “Thinking about nothing… doubt it.

  1. You are completely right! Everyone once in a while you have to take a step back and think what would of happened. I loved how you opened your heart in your writing, your writing is very passionate!

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