Why I dislike testing!

 I don’t like to test because it is just to boring I guess you could say.  When I was testing yesterday for my school we had to sit at a lunch table. The thing about that is the seats were way to close to each other; we couldn’t even move our arms without hitting the person next to us. When you take a test is just so tedious. 

When we took a test we were sitting on a seat that was the size of a dinner plate. Our bum hurt so much when we stood up it wasn’t even funny. When we had our 10 minute break we were almost running down the halls so that we could stretch and pop everything back to the way it was before we took the tests. When a person would stand up you could almost hear the groaning from the person because they were so stiff from having to sit in the same spot for one full hour with no time to stand off of the tiny seat.

When we were able to get up and leave the stuffy room, everyone was so glad that they didn’t have to be so close to the person to their right or left anymore. I know that I was starting to feel claustrophobic from having to be in a big room with about 978 kids right next to me or about 1 foot from me. When I got up to leave I was almost sprinting down the halls to the bus. I was almost jumping for joy because I wont have to take a test like that until next year.

When taking a test my mind always seems to wonder.  I will read a question, then have to read that same question again and again because the question doesn’t seem to click when I read it the time before. When try to understand I will come across a word in my head and my mind will wonder to a time in my life before, like when I was little I was in a car with my grandmother I seen a squirrel run over a power cable and I pointed to it and I said,” My dad has shoes like plungers so that he can walk across cables like that squirrel.”, then after that I can wonder into another story of my past and another.

So in the end I dislike test because I can almost never concentrate on that one thing in such a long time. When it comes to taking tests I almost always have a hard time doing them because of the stories of my past or what I think will happen after the test. 

Thank you for reading my story, I know it is far from normal, but hey that’s me for you.

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Have a good day and a wonderful week. 🙂   


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