It started with a look… (Love story) (VERY CHEESY)


I just got this new app called talk to me. I can talk to many people about random things. I have been talking to this man going by the user name of @famouslife. I knew that he was famous because he told me so. I thought that he was so fun to talk to.

I had to ask him this, this is what I send.   “Dear @famouslife, why would you want to talk to me when you could be out living the dream and going even farther than you already have, why would you care about a little girl like me when you could have anyone you ever wanted?”

He replied almost right away.  “Dear @musicismylife, I want to talk to you, I think that it is so cool that you know that I am famous but yet you treat me like i’m you best friend. I think that it is so cool to talk to a person that doesn’t freak out every time I try to talk to them. When I talk to you I feel like the old me from my home town. I love how you don’t care that I am famous, I love that you still act like yourself.”

I was so shocked by that, that I didn’t know what to write back. When I tried to think of something to say I would always just backspace and try something new. After about two hours of thinking what I could say I finally found something to say back.

“Dear @famouslife, I would always treat you like a person would want to be treated, I know that, that sound cheesy, but I would always try to talk to you like I would if you were two feet away from me. I know that it is hard to talk to some people when you don’t know them but I think if i were to find out who you are I might be able to keep my cool. I know that I would try very hard to keep it under control and I would go out of my way to make you feel like your old self from you home town… So are you willing to tell me who you are?”


She wants me to tell her who I am. I don’t think that I can do that I know that she wouldn’t treat me the same. She will treat me like very other fan. I just know it. I guess I will just have to think of something to say. Should I tell her? I know that she said she would ask cool or at least try to keep her excitement under control, but can I really trust her, I don’t even know what she looks like… hey maybe that is what I can ask her to send me and maybe some facts about her and I can get to know her better. That’s what I’ll do.

“Dear @musicismylife, how about I get to know you better before I tell you who I am so I know if you are trustworthy enough to tell my secret. I will decide after I read your reply. Please tell the truth I never like a liar.  Oh and send a picture so I know what you look like encase I ever run into you somewhere.”

She replied after about ten minutes. “Dear @famouslife, well my name is Sally Norton, I live in a small town in Florida, I have very few friends, and I am very trustworthy, the friends that I do have would say that too because they have told me many secrets and I have never told a soul about one or any of them. I have long brown hair that reaches mid-back. I am about 5’4″, so I am very short. I live to shop. That is about it about my life, oh I just finished high school.”

Wow she is very cute I wonder if she would ever run into me some where. Oh what ever I’m going to the mall I need some new shoes.


Man I need to do my daily shopping I haven’t been to the mall all day. I really need new shoes too because mine are all busted from me falling off of my skateboard the other day. I put on my shoes that need to be replaced and grabbed my skateboard. I stepped out of my house and locked the door. I put my skateboard down on the sidewalk and started to skate to the mall. As I was riding down the sidewalk I seen this really expensive car drive by. I looked at the car and on the plate on the back it said something that looked like the word famous. I couldn’t get a good look at it because I put my glasses in my purse so if I fell I wouldn’t break them. Oh well, I was about have a block from the mall now so I just kept skating.



I was riding down the road and I seen this girl on a skateboard. I didn’t know where she was going but she looked almost like Sally or @musicismylife, I brushed it off and kept driving… I finally got to the mall. I stepped out, so far no fans have seen me. I was walking around in the mall when I seen that girl with the skateboard from a while ago. I was going to talk to her. I started to walk toward her and then all of a sudden a girl started to scream at first I thought somebody was in trouble. It didn’t take long for me to notice she screamed because of me. The girl looked my way, but didn’t do anything. I seen her walk into a store but that the last I seen of her before I was circled by a lot of girls.


I was walking into a store when all of a sudden a girl screamed, I looked her way and that is when I saw a very known man in the music business. I started to stare, but then I remember that one time @famouslife said that many famous people like it when you don’t make a big deal about what they are doing or that they are near you.  I flashed him a smile and walked into my favorite store and left it be. I looked back one more time before I walked into the store and saw that he was being circled by a lot of teen girls. I felt bad for him, but I think that he is used to it by now.

As I was walking out of the store I seen that the mob of girls was still there. I decided that I would help him out of them. I pretended to be a body guard for him and came in the middle of the group and helped him out. I started to walk toward the exit and he followed behind me going along with my act. Once I was outside I decided that I would let him be and be on my way.

Just as I was going to leave he started to speak up. “Hey, umm thanks for what you did back there, if it weren’t for you I would still be in that mob till the mall decided to close so um thanks.”

I replied, ” No problem, I just thought that you were getting tired of it, I mean I was in a store for about one and a half hours and you were still in the middle of all the girls, I know that I would be so angry or something, so it was nothing.”

He looked at me like I was crazy for not doing anything to him, “Hey if you don’t mind me asking, Why are you not freaking out like every other girl around?” He asked.

I laughed and said, ” Lets just say that I have talked to a famous person over an app and he told me that many famous people love it when fans don’t go all crazy, so I figured you were the same. I am I wrong or something?”

He looked at me and smiled, ” No I like how you can keep your cool around me. Maybe we can talk over this app you talk about”

I replied, “sure why not, what is your username?”

He looked a little scared to tell me but then he said something that really got my heart going. ” My username is @famouslife. What is yours?”

I looked at him and said. ” You know who I am don’t you?”

He looked over at me and smiled that shy smile. ” Yep!”. He said popping the “P” I looked at him like he was crazy.

“Why are you here, are you like stacking me or something then?”

He replied, ” NO! I was coming here after I got done talking to you earlier and I was trying to find a good way to tell you who I am.  To tell you the truth though I was hoping you would be here. I have wanted to meet you sense I started to talk to you on that app. I thought that it was so cool that you never freaked out when I talked to you even though I am famous. I love how you never really cared, I even love that you are listening to me ramble on over here right now and not leaving.”

I laughed, ” I think that it is cool that you are wanting to talk to me even though I am really just one of a thousand people out of this city. I think that it is fun to talk to you and now that I know who you are maybe we could hang out some time and really get to know each other.”

He looked at me and said, ” Ya that sound like a plan, how about this Friday night at about eight?”

I replied, ” ya that sounds like a good time see you then.”


She said yes, maybe this is the beginning to my happy ending. 🙂

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you had a fun time reading this. I thought that having different point of views would make it more fun to read so I hope you didn’t get to stuck when reading it. I know that I had a very fun time writing it. Have a good day! 🙂 


4 thoughts on “It started with a look… (Love story) (VERY CHEESY)

  1. Thank you to who replied and I am thinking of continuing the story but I didnt know if I should have, but thank for the comments that may just have pushed me to write more of the story. Have a good day 🙂


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