Waterfalls leak their salty water upon the rocks below.

The water can’t stay high for long before it is pushed over the edge.

Many things happen so suddenly that the little rocks get washed away from the pressure of the fast moving water.

The bigger waves of water slow.y move the bigger rocks at the edge of the cliff.

Their will to stay strong slowly diminishes, and they let go.

They slip into a world that is hard to be released from.

They ever so slowly realize that they were never going to be replaced at the same spot.

The water slowly begins to lower its levels and the rocks slow their hard travelling for mere seconds before they are tossed around once again.

They are pushed further then ever before never to return to their prior lives.

They soon realize that their lives are just one big book of sadness.

The end… Thanks for reading although I know it wasn’t the best. Thanks again and have a good day. 🙂


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