Seeing an “Old Friend”

Bringing the car to stop,

Hopping out and looking around,

Bring back good memories like  waaappp,

then seeing that tree made me ground bound,

Crawling over and seeing the small heart,

The one that holds our names,

The smooth writing rolling apart,

That is when I placed you in my hall of shame,

The salty tears fall with no end,

Making me shake to a far extent,

Wiping the tears like a tired friend,

Knowing I will never be content,

Standing up slowly,

Gaining my balance back,

Trying to gain the words to say, cowardly,

I backed away going the right track,

Once I round the big bend,

I ran into you, lets say my “Old Friend”,

Only for you to break my heart a crack,

With my long lost best friend,

The whole reason you lost me,

And the reason you never get me back.

Thanks for reading… Have a good day!   🙂


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