I am wondering around doing nothing but blinking and staring emotionless at the people that pass me. Everybody looks at me as if I were a science project that was never finished. Nobody says anything to me and nobody makes an effort to ask me if anything is wrong. I decide to look at my feet that are just dragging on the dirty ground. I see that my feet are no longer clean but they are gross and scratched. I don’t remember even coming to where I am. All I can remember is that I was playing hide and seek with my nephew a few hours or so ago. I think it was a few hours ago. I decided to try and find a map, I walked into a cafe only to see my picture posted all around the windows saying “LOST PERSON” on them. I stepped closer and decided to look at the picture and the poster they were posted on. ” This person has short blonde hair and is about 5’4″. She has been missing for over a span of two weeks.” I thought for a second and remembered nothing of the sort. I thought that it was still hours ago that I was playing in the backyard of my sisters place. I took a map from the little map stand and decided to look at where I was standing. I realized after a little while that I was about a mile or so from my sisters. I walked out of the cafe and decided that I would try to find my way to my sisters. After about an hour or so I found my sisters house. I knocked on the door. My brother-in-law opened the door and just stood there with wide eyes. My sister came to the door next. ” Who is at the door?”. When she seen me she looked shocked that I was standing there. Then all of a sudden she started to scream. ” WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN WE HAVE BEEN WORRIED SICK ABOUT YOU. YOU JUST ALL OF A SUDDEN WENT MISSING AND WE COULDN’T FIND YOU ANYWHERE, WHERE WERE YOU?!” I decided to tell her what I knew. ” I don’t know where I was. I all I can remember is playing in your backyard. Then I woke up and I was walking by a little cafe looking like I just ran through a mile of mud.” she just looked at me. Then she rapped her arms around me and hugged me till I started to turn blue in the head. when she pulled away she didn’t say anything, but ” I am so happy you are back, I missed you so much.” I looked up into her eyes only to see happy tears trailing down her face.


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