100 things

all too well

  1. Finish a tube of chap stick
  2. Go to an underwater hotel
  3. Own a pet Turtle
  4. Learn every single word to a song by heart
  5. Hike a cave
  6. Be on a first name basis with someone moderately famous
  7. Successfully graduate college
  8. Learn how to ride a motorcycle
  9. Turn my phone off for 3 whole days
  10. Be silent for a day
  11. Stay in a mansion for a week
  12. Personally know a millionaire
  13. Make someone smile everyday
  14. Design a T-shirt
  15. Start or largely contribute to a charity
  16. Go to Harry Potter exhibit in Disneyland
  17. Be independent
  18. Get a meaningful tattoo
  19. Take a cruise and get invited to the captain’s table
  20. Ride a horse on a date
  21. Fall asleep in the bed of a truck under the stars
  22. Give flowers to a stranger
  23. Build a gingerbread house as tall as me
  24. Score a perfect game of bowling
  25. Learn how to play piano
  26. Pay someone…

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