For some reason I have always wondered what my dogs were thinking. I don’t know why that is when all I have ever seen them do is flop their head to the side when they think they heard something.  Dogs have always caught my attention. They are always so original in their own way. Some dogs have things in common with another, but that is nothing as in to how they act around their owner.

With my dogs they have their own way of saying “hello” when I walk through the door after school. Or when my parents get home.  For me when I get home my, Labrador retriever, Bo, always likes to come up to me with his stuffed tiger that him and Squirt (other dog) play with everyday.  With the Boston Terrier, Squirt, she always comes up to a person and sits on their feet until they notice that she is there and pet her. For a few minutes she will follow you everywhere you step, unless she knows you by heart. If you sit down she has to sit on you lap. If you walk into the kitchen to get a snack she is on you heals. She is the sweetest dog. She has a sassy side I guess you could say. She is 15 years old, she can’t see all to well, and she has lost some of her teeth, but one person couldn’t ask for a nicer, sweeter dog than her.

Sometimes Squirt will just sit in the chair, or sit in the front room and lay in the sun and fall asleep for hours on end it seems like.  Bo, whenever my father gets home, he will always run to the door and greet him and then, after my dad has gotten changed from his hard day at the GM (General Motors) factory, he will take Bo and Squirt out to go feed our other dog Gerber.

Gerber is a coon hound and he is chubby by all means. He as an attitude that most dog most likely don’t have. If you were to bring Gerber some food, he will be beyond excited, but yet if you were to go walk out and do something at the barn and not really play with him he will become annoying. He will bark at you until you decide that you should do something with him. He always has to do something.

When my dad and the dogs go out there and feed him he, almost, always had to play with Bo. Bo is not a fan of other male dogs, but he does mind Gerber, I think that it is because Gerber lived in the house for a while before he was put in the kennel outside. In a way Bo trained Gerber to live inside for a little while. Then again so did Squirt.

She taught Bo how to live inside and not make a mess; she was there when we got Bo. At the time Squirt was 10 years old and had a little more energy and didn’t freeze up outside in the winter. She was there when we had to teach my sisters dog (Bourbon) how be house trained.

I have always wondered what our doges would have turned out like if we didn’t have Squirt as our dog. Squirt is the adoptive mother to all the dogs that we have had in the past. It will be hard when she goes. Squirt had been a part of my life sense I was 4 year old. When she goes it will be like losing a family member. I think that when she goes we should get another Boston Terrier, and try to teach them to be like her.  Either way Squirt will be very much missed when it is her time to go.

Thank you for reading 🙂


Boston Terrier Image


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