The Laughing Juice


I took the juice.  After a few minutes everything started to look a little twisted.  When I looked around the room, my eyes started to drift toward the floor.  I seen the shoes all the nurses had to wear and laughed.  One of them had shoes on that somebody should be embarrassed to wear.   My dad, that was sitting next to me, looked at me like I was going crazy for suddenly laughing.  I pointed to their funny looking shoes.

My dad started to lightly laugh. I suddenly stopped as soon as he started.  I stared at him as if he had said something to offended me.

Soon after I was wheeled off into a room with a whole lot of nurses with the funny shoes and the main doctor that did the surgery. When I woke up I had  a little headache and I had a huge cast on my leg that weighed more than I thought it was going to.


Thank you for reading. 🙂

funny laughing person





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